This program is a 360 degree approach to protecting the health and wellness of your customer, the integrity of your brand, your customer engagement and your customer loyalty. By educating your employee and your customer, you are implementing standardized practices that align and aim to achieve one common goal, sanitation standards. The Tester Safety training is designed to teach the customer how to properly handle and sample testers and eliminate the risk of cross contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses. The education is hosted on a tablet at the station, but users can elect to have the information sent to their phone to view in any area of the store. In addition to the video, a list of sanitation products needed to properly sample the tester is sent via SMS for quick and easy reference. To encourage customer engagement and sustain customer loyalty, the Tester Safety training can be linked to your brand’s rewards program. Customers can earn reward points for completing each portion of the Tester Safety training. In addition, discounts, sales or coupons can be inserted throughout the training for increased customer engagement. Data driven integrations may be used to extract customer behavior.

Sanitation Standards training is designed to teach your employee how to properly handle, sample and apply cosmetics to your customer. This training differs from what the customer is learning as it details the sanitation practices needed to keep your client safe during an application. This comprehensive training also teaches the employee how to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect, as well as, why each step is important. The employee will also learn what microorganisms, blood-borne pathogens, contagions and mucous membranes are and why it is important to utilize single-use disposables. After successful completion of the training the employee will be certified in Sanitation Standards and awarded a Prestige Pin. The pin is a symbol of being certified in proper sanitation and should be visible to the customer during their application. It is important to show the customer that the employee has been trained and practices good sanitation methods as well.

When you add Sanitation Essentials to your business, you are protecting your brand’s integrity by putting the safety of your employees and your customers first. You are allowing your stores to operate the way they were designed- a showcase where customers can touch, feel and try on cosmetics safely.

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This comprehensive training is designed to assist your company with automated and mass on-boarding, level setting, employee retention, customer loyalty and strategic offerings. The standards introduced in Makeup Essentials are credible, sustainable and without bias. Allowing Makeup Essentials to teach employees basic skill sets provides continuity and eliminates how basic skill sets could otherwise be interpreted from trainer to trainer. Makeup Essentials eradicates the burden put on trainers to create instruction that teaches to all skill sets. Employees will be level set right from the start. Instead the trainer can spend time focusing on sales strategy and employee goals and incentives. The Makeup Essentials training can be implemented anytime and anywhere, so you can bypass the wait of quarterly on-boarding and get your employee in the field faster and more efficiently. 

Technology is in every customer’s hand and it is necessary for the employee’s knowledge to exceed that of the customer. With Makeup Essentials training you will elevate the employee’s confidence, knowledge, skill-set and strategy. It is highly probable that you will see your employee strategically offer 3-4 products that compliment the customer’s request rather than the national average which is 1-2. The content is designed with a mixture of learning styles; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Throughout the program, the learner will engage in interactive curriculum, checkpoints for comprehension and brush call outs. Reference guides can be easily downloaded for more complicated subjects such as color theory or brush selection. A final test and survey can be included to measure the learners overall success rate and satisfaction with their company’s education requirement. The training is hosted online and is SCORM compliant, meaning it can be seamlessly implemented into your corporation’s LMS. This training is customizable and can branded to reflect company terminology, standards, products and culture.

When you add Makeup Essentials to your business you can expect the employee to use confidence, knowledge and a higher skill set to fuel their sales strategy. Watch how your employee is able to educate the customer with ease and surety.

Don’t let your customer’s knowledge and skill set exceed that of your employee, this is a recipe for high turnover, customer indifference, and missed sales goals.
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Together, Sanitation Essentials and Makeup Essentials will give your company the support needed to preserve the storefront. You cannot compete with one-click purchases or one-day deliveries, but you can compete with human interaction and trying the product first. Cosmetic storefronts still exist because customers want more than what the online shopping experience can give them. They want to touch, feel and try on product before they purchase. They want artists and sales associates to educate, suggest and offer what products are best for them. They want human interaction and the ability to try before they buy.
By adding Industry Essentials to your employee training requirements you are investing in your assets; your customers, your employees and your cosmetics.
Don’t let the fear of trying something new stop you from defending your store front.

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