The customer will:
• Learn how to properly handle and sample testers. 
• Limit the risk of cross contamination and the spread of bacteria and viruses. 
• Increased tester usage due to reassurance that products have  been properly sanitized.
• Increased loyalty as a result of prioritizing the health and wellness of the  customer.
• Earn reward points by using the station.
• The customer can elect to have the training sent to their phone or use the tablet at the station
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Tester Safety Training
One minute videos showcasing how to properly sample each cosmetic tester within the retail environment. 
Disposable Applicators
Every disposable needed to safely remove cosmetic product from tester containers; eliminates cross-contamination.
Sanitation Products 
All sanitation liquids needed to keep the customer and cosmetic testers safe from the spread of bacteria and viruses. 
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